Wedding Photographer And Bridal Accessories In London

How To Find A Great Wedding Photographers and some bridal accessories In London

What makes a great wedding photo shoot? First of all, you need a professional photographer who has a style that corresponds to what you like. Secondly, you need some original bridal accessories to look your best on this special day. Hiring a photographer and picking your accessories can seem like details among all the things you need to take care of before your wedding day but these two things are crucial for getting great wedding pictures.

wedding photo shoot
They key to choosing great bridal accessories is to look for items that will compliment your dress. Accessories make your wedding photos more fun since you can pose with them but they should not steal the show. Wait until you have found the perfect dress before thinking about accessories.
Traditional accessories include a bouquet, a veil, jewelry and perhaps a hair accessory. Don’t hesitate to be more original and add an unusual accessory to your outfit. You could for instance use an umbrella if you are getting married outside in the summertime or compliment your dress with a nice crocheted shawl if you are getting married in the winter.
You do not have to spend a fortune on your accessories. You can up cycle things you do not use anymore, borrow accessories from a friend or even rent accessories. More bridal businesses are offering rental options to attract more clients who are on a limited budget. Purchase at least a few accessories such as a bouquet or a garter so you can preserve them as keepsakes but think about renting your other accessories to save money.

You can even find a wedding photographer who will bring some fun accessories and props for an original photo shoot with your guests. Not all photographers provide this service but this is definitely something you should look for if you want some fun and original pictures from your wedding. You can also create your own props easily or ask your friends to bring accessories and items that can be used as props.
Once you have decided what you will wear and how you will accessorize on your wedding day, you should ask yourself what kind of pictures you would like to take. Browse through wedding pictures of friends or relatives and take the time to look at the portfolios of different professional photographers.

Decide how much you can afford to spend on your wedding photographer. The price varies in function of how much experience a professional has and how far they will have to travel to attend your wedding. The amount and format of printed pictures you request will also impact the price. It is usually best to hire a photographer who offers a package tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to reduce your expenses by planning a simpler wedding so you can spend more on your photographer and printed pictures. The pictures will probably become your most valuable keepsake over the years.

It is best to contact several photographers and ask a few questions about how they work and how much experience they have. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about prices so you can make sure the photographer you are interested in is in your price range. Ask if you can see a portfolio of pictures they have taken at other weddings to get a better idea of their style.

wedding photography
Once you find a great wedding photographer, be specific about your expectations. You should also give them a chance to explain to you how they like to work and how they take their best pictures. For instance, some photographs prefer walking around the reception to take some candid pictures of the guests while others prefer scheduling a time for pictures so they can get everyone to pose. Schedule some time for pictures during the reception is your best option if you want to pose with your accessories and have some pictures of your guests having fun with props taken.
Start planning these details in advance so you have enough time to find a great photographer and the ideal accessories. Remember that these things are important since your wedding pictures or wedding video will more than likely become your most valued keepsakes from this special day.

The Most Favored Bridal Flowers In Weddings

The big day you have been waiting for is just around the corner. You have to make sure everything is perfect for your wedding to be the fairy tale story you have always dreamt of. You have spoken to everybody from your caterer, to the entertainment company responsible for sound and entertainment. But wait a minute, you still don’t know which flowers you want to have on the D-day. Your florist has thrown hundreds of suggestions your way and you are yet to decide which flowers you want to have. What to do?

With thousands of flowers to choose from, making a decision on the flowers that you want present in your wedding venue or as your bridal bouquet still proves to be hectic. Do you go for the rarest type or just commonplace ones? Do you choose the most fragrant or do you go for unscented ones? Generally, the choice of bridal flowers you have will lie on your preference and taste. And making that decision has always been the greatest dilemma for most brides. To ease the decision making process, here is a narrowed down list of some of the most favored wedding flowers.


For the longest time ever, the rose has been considered a symbol of love and beauty. It is associated with fairy tales and myths and has, for so long, been used as a metaphor of beauty, passion, emotion and true love. As such, the rose is considered an all-star in the wedding scene. Despite being there for so long, it never loses its allure as it never lacks in color and fragrance. Available throughout the year and with so many colors to choose from, from bicolor to solid color varieties, finding roses that will blend with your wedding theme is virtually impossible. If you are looking to make statement on your wedding day and to splash your wedding with vivid colors and fragrances, then the best rose varieties to go for are the spray roses, hybrid tea roses or garden roses.

bridal holding wedding roses


The tulip flower is considered a symbol of happy years and consuming love. As such, it makes a very good and meaningful wedding flower. Tulips too are available in a wide array of colors ranging from vibrant hues to warming pastels. The great thing is that tulips are available throughout the year and are relatively affordable. Tulips can easily enhance almost any wedding setting from the elegant wedding venue to the casual setting, table arrangements and the creation of boutonnieres and bouquets. For that touch of class, Dutch tulips, French tulips or parrot tulips are what you need to go for.


The hydrangea is a bushy headed flower with intense shades of blue, pink, purple and burgundy and is considered as a representation of vanity. The beauty of hydrangea is its popular variety of colors which range from a deep sky blue to bubble-gum pink. Mostly, the color of its petals will depend on the acidity of the soil it is grown in. This scentless, moderately priced shrub flower complements bouquets and flower arrangements quite well; while a few of its stems will make a delightful boutonniere.

brdial Hydrangeas


The peony is unique flower with large, strongly perfumed and full head bursting with beautiful and bright colors. In Victorian, the flower means bashfulness and is available in two distinct types, the tree peony and the herbaceous peony. Peonies make wonderful, gorgeous bouquets. They also are known to create wonderful flower arrangements and centerpieces. They are grown in double and single flower styles and are seasonal. The good thing though is that they can be imported when out of season.


Stephanotis are dainty, mildly scented, star-shaped white flowers with waxy florets and represents marital happiness. With such a significant representation, it is not a wonder why they are a common wedding flower choice. As they are extremely tender, Stephanotis require arrangement before they can be used to create a bouquet or a flower arrangement. Interestingly, the Stephanotis bouquet is amongst the most traditional bridal bouquets and has been chosen as the preferred wedding bouquet by many brides. The great thing about the Stephanotis is that it is available all year round and is moderately priced.

Bride with stephanotis bouquet

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These are just but a few of so many bridal flower types that so many have chosen as their wedding flower of choice. However, these are the most preferred majorly because of their significance and beauty. Nonetheless, you do not have to limit yourself to just these. There is a whole world of wedding flowers out there waiting to be explored. All it will require is some guts to get something unique. However, it is always important that you confer with your florist for advice. At the same time, it is important that you take some time to sit down and research on the different bridal flower types and options available and their significance before making any decision.

Beautiful Options In Wedding Hair Accessories

When you want to really complete your entire bridal look, you will need to be able to take every single aspect into consideration. For example, the types of wedding hair accessories that you choose can really add a whole new element to the look and feel of your attire. You want to look your absolute best and your choice in accessories, especially for your hair, will be an area that many people are going to notice right away. Taking the time to weigh all of your options in the best accessories for your hair on your wedding day will help you to make sure that you look absolutely flawless from head to toe.

Dress and Hair Style

One of the first things that you can do as you start to look into your options for wedding hair accessories is take into consideration the style of your wedding dress. Many brides will be able to pick out the hairstyle that they want based upon the neckline of their wedding dress. Once you have your dress, you can try it on and see how your hair being worn in different ways will look with the overall style. For example, a wedding dress with a high neckline might call for a classic up-do with embellishments while a beachy styled flowing wedding dress may look best with hair that is free flowing and set with light waves and a simple accessory.

dress and hair with veil
No matter what type of style you choose, you will more than likely need a way to keep it in place. For a variety of wedding hairstyles, many pins and accessories might be necessary to not only achieve the look but then to also keep it looking the same all the way through the ceremony and the following reception. This is where the bride and their hairstylist can get really creative by coming up with the best in accessories to help them create a stunning look that is going to stay just how you want it for hours at a time.

Wedding hairpins

Wedding hairpins happen to be one of the most important hair accessories that actually date back thousands of years. Not only are they used to keep the hair in place, but they were often used as a family heirloom that gets passed down from bride to bride throughout the generations. Some of the hairpins that used to be used would even reflect family history by using designs or embellishments that reflect the family crest or bloodline. Today, you can go with family heirlooms that have been passed through the generations or simply by your own hairpins to fit in with your attire or to even make new traditions.

Silver wedding pins
Once you have picked out a theme for your wedding, you might find that it will be a bit easier to pick out the accessories that you would like to have for your hair. If you are going with a garden or outdoor theme in a courtyard, you can look into some of the options that are available in pins or clips that have butterflies, dragonflies or flowers on them. There are even a variety of stunning headbands available today in many shops and bridal accessory boutiques that brides are looking at instead of traditional hair accessories.

The bottom line is…

you need to work out a hairstyle that is going to fit your theme and make you feel beautiful on your wedding day. Once you come up with the best possible look, you can work with your stylist to pick out the perfect accessories including gems, clips, pins, ties, headbands, tiaras and more that will make you truly stand out as the most beautiful bride.

Exclusive Types of Wedding Accessories

Wedding accessories for any wedding are just as important for the bride as they are for the groom. Exclusive types of wedding accessories are described as beautiful pieces that can make or break a wedding. Below are just a few of the exclusive accessories that are considered important for a wedding.

Bridal make up

bride is incomplete without the ideal hair dressing. Hair accessories that consist of Diamante & Pearl hairpins, crystal wedding hairpins and hair combs can complete the bride’s look. Of course the primary bridal accessory would have to be the bridal gown. Every other bridal accessory purchased is meant to compliment the gown. Bridal gowns are the main item around which every other accessory is selected for the entire wedding.

Bridal accessories

Bridal accessories usually include shoes, wraps, gloves, handbags, tiaras and wedding jewellery. Much time will be spent on selecting just the right accessories to add to the experience of this once in a lifetime event. Bridal veils and tiaras are also beautiful accessories for a bride to choose that will match up with bridal gown.


There are a variety of hair accessories available for weddings that can range from simple and elegant onto more exotic, elaborate and stylish types. Brides can even choose to have their very own exclusive, custom made designs handmade. Flowers are an additional accessory that is essential to weddings. The bride’s bouquet as well as the flowers used at the reception and for the tables can really add to a beautiful wedding theme.


There are many flower combinations to choose from and it is always advisable for the bride and groom to consult with a professional florist or with their chosen wedding planner when choosing flowers for the wedding. Talented florists have amazing skills at creating true works of art when it comes to wedding flowers and know just how to ensure the flowers stay fresh throughout the wedding celebrations.


Most brides take into consideration the height of the man they plan on marrying when selecting bridal shoes. Many brides find it of importance that the groom is either taller or appears to be taller for the wedding photographs. If the groom is much taller than the bride this will not be a problem. However, if the bride is the same height or taller than the groom then there are many exclusive and elegant bridal flat shoes or slippers to choose from. One of the best types of wedding shoes to choose are ones that have been either covered or are made from the same material as the wedding dress.

To bring an elegant and more luxurious appearance to a wedding gown, pearl accents are the perfect solution. In addition, pearl accessories can be incorporated into the bracelet, earrings and necklace for the ultimate wedding look. Pearls are considered to be an exclusive accessory to add into any wedding celebration. To find out more about exclusive accessories for weddings it is highly advisable to consult with a well known and reputable wedding planner.